Wednesday, September 19

some old files...

Its been a while since i update this blog. Got a computer last week, was going through an old hard disk and found these "making of" digirama images. cheers.

Sunday, December 12

magenta マジェンタ

Created by Sonny Sy & Ray Toh

Magenta is a very special teenage girl living in a post-apocalyptic world. Her infant self was found in a time capsule amidst the ruins of an ancient city and no once can say for sure how long she had been there.

The day she turned 17, an old wanderer was found in the desert near her village. In his deathbed he tells Magenta about a mythical device called the "collective". 11 sonic rhythms are needed to activate this device which may hold the key to the planet's future and unlock the mystery of her past.

Monday, December 21

Tuesday, September 29

hottoys 12" joker

agent of chaos watching the world burn...Heath Ledger's performance in the dark knight is breathtaking...

Tuesday, August 25

hottoys 12" batman the dark knight

this has to be the best batman movie so far......regarding the figure, is there any way to reduce the tummy??? btw, if u want a higher resolution of this image, email me. cheers!

Saturday, August 22

enterbay 12" godfather don vito corleone

bought a new camera today. having fun with my toys again...cheers~

Friday, October 3

medicom 12" dragonball son gokou ドラゴンボール 孫 悟空

medicom should just stop producing those realistic looking characters and concentrate on manga and anime figures. this is another piece that prove they are good at transforming 2d artwork to 3d posable figures.

Thursday, October 2

kaiyodo revoltech yotsuba @ summer vacation よつばと!

initially i was attracted by the design of the figure . never read the comic before, really like to read it now, but need to buy first...too many comic books to buy...sign...

Saturday, September 13

medicom 12" 北斗の拳 Kenshiro ケンシロウ

one of the most legendary character in manga history. there were only 2 posable 12" figures released, the first was released many years ago by a company called skynet.